The Philippines' Premier Koi Pond Filtration Provider 

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Decades of Expertise

Using the latest technology from Japan, Europe, and U.S., Alveyra develops and implements the most efficient and cost effective filtration designs for leisure ponds and water gardens. With expertise spanning more than a decade and over 55 successful major project implementations involving residential homes, in-building installations, shopping malls, and golf courses, Alveyra is considered as the leading koi pond filtration provider in the Philippines.

Alveyra is a koi pond filtration design specialist which prides itself with the most comprehensive background in this field. Considered as a leading expert in the country, this company brings together not only extensive experience, a proven track record, and unmatched after sales service in its offerings, but also a personal touch for each and every project it engages in.

Alveyra’s experience began in 1992 when its principal, Mr. Rolly Alveyra, became an avid koi keeper. With a mechanical and chemical engineering background complemented by decades of experience in industrial solutions and structural designs, he built his own koi pond and worked on perfecting the filtration system. In 1998, after extensive research, study, and development, Alveyra began offering the service commercially and is now the most respected and sought after filtration designer in the country.

Alveyra’s involvement with the client does not end with the filtration design. After each implementation, Alveyra makes it a point to teach clients on how to become effective koi keepers in order to ensure continuous enjoyment of the koi pond. Alveyra is also known for providing best in class after sales support and service in as far as koi pond maintenance is concerned.

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